Kaspersky Lab Competition

Scope of applicability

Existing Kaspersky Security Center (KSC) interface provides a full control over antivirus and other protection solution across SMB and Enterprise companies, although due to extensive functionality, the use of KSC, compared to other solutions, has a higher learning curve and increased effort on administration and event management.


Solution description

We’re suggesting enhancing KSC interface by implementing object-oriented approach, targeted to simplify the use of KSC, therefore decrease of learning curve and effort on administration and event management.

Object-oriented interface must satisfy following requirements:

Graphic interface (GUI) for protection management and administration in corporate network, built on the basis of object graph with implementation of drag-n-drop for all scope of objects, covered by KSC functionality

  • A functionality to draw in graphical mode connections between objects, such as network topology;
  • An implementation of objects nesting, such as USB devices within laptops, firewall rules within firewalls;
  • An implementation of objects grouping, such as network devices, laptops, users

The interface must be intuitive for KSC users – information security experts, including network, application and physical security

Additionally, an automated logic on creating a corporate network topology must be implemented, preferably with the use of machine-learning approach. The topology must be built upon the data, entered in KSC manually or through an automated discovery of network objects.


Team requirements

Following skills are required for implementation:

  1. The experience in development of machine-learning models
  2. The experience in development UI/UX scenarios
  3. The experience in development in general-purpose programming languages.
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