Cybersecurity solutions for VSB/SMB segment
Search for startups and innovation projects, organised by Skolkovo Foundation and Kaspersky Lab JSC

Search for new products/technologies/devices/solutions and talented Startup teams, identifying their commercial potential, their ability for productive communication and business development and for identifying the prospects for further commercial and employment cooperation between Kaspersky Lab and the Startup.

Advantages for the Participants
Possible options of the pilot project:
  • For mature projects (MVP + first sales) - joint sales of the startup product.
  • For projects with MVP, but without first sales - integration into product solution as additional functionality.
Total composition of the Product Team (experts)
Vitaly Mzokov
Head of Innovation Hub
Andrey Nikonov
Open Innovation Lead, Kaspersky
Skolkovo Foundation IT Cluster Representative 
Konstantin Voronkov
Representative of the Kaspersky Lab JSC Innovation Center
We are looking for: startup organizations that meet any two or more of the following criteria:
Time of existence of the organisation: up to 3 years
Revenue up to 60 million roubles per year
Available publications in the media about the organisation as a startup, innovative company, etc.
Participation of the organisation in competitions

for innovative projects, accelerators, performances and exhibitions;

Residence in innovation ecosystem facilities:

incubators, accelerators, universities, innovation centers and economic zones;

Availability of venture financing:

attraction of financial and other resources from specialized organisations: foundations, accelerators, individual investors, etc.

A team of experts who have not established a legal entity may also be recognised as a startup.

Subject of the Search
  1. Products/technologies/devices/solutions and talented teams of Startups working in the field of cybersecurity and protection against cyberthreats.
    1. Having a product that focuses on very small, small and medium-sized businesses.
    2. Possible key users of the product are the IS department management and company management.
    3. In the absence of a product focused on very small, small and medium businesses, the Startup should develop such a product during the Search period.
    4. Teams of individuals working without establishing a legal entity.
    5. Legal entities both registered in the Russian Federation and abroad.
  1. Teams of Startups wishing to be employed by Kaspersky Lab JSC participating in any Skolkovo events related to this Competition.
Search Period
till 7
reception of applications (open)
till 14
determination of the finalists
till 22
face-to-face consideration of the applications in the finals

Any search results do not oblige Kaspersky Lab JSC and the Startup to conclude any contract with each other or otherwise continue cooperation. Any discussions between Kaspersky Lab JSC and the Startup within the Project in any form, including correspondence, face-to-face meetings, shall not constitute negotiations (pre-contractual stage), and shall not constitute agreement by the Parties on the terms of a future transaction and shall have no legal force for the Parties.

is an early version of a product with minimal functionality that solves at least one potential client problem.
Pitch session
is a series of short speeches by the Applicants with a brief structured presentation of the Product.
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